Welcome to the newest feature of DSMA, the monthly DSMA Blog Carnival. This is your chance to explore a recent DSMA question in more than 140 characters. At the beginning of each month, the blog carnival topic will be announced here on the DSMA blog. Join the carnival by writing a post about the topic of the month on your blog and sharing a link to your entry in the comments section. Once the month has ended, we’ll present a Blog Carnival Round-Up and feature a few posts that shouldn’t be missed!

Ready to get started? Let’s get right to this month’s topic:

“The most awesome thing I have done in spite of diabetes is . . . . “

(taken from the Fill-in-the-blanks chat on January 26th)

Yes, it’s time to look at the positive and boast about something great you’ve done. Don’t be shy – share it with us! Once your post is written, come back here and put a link to it in the comments section of this post so we can all check it out.  Also, please add the following sentence to the bottom of your Blog Carnival Post:

“This post is my February entry in the DSMA Blog Carnival.  If you’d like to participate too, you can get all of the information at http://diabetessocmed.com/2011/introducing-the-dsma-blog-carnival/

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