For our October Blog Carnival we raised awareness and helped to educate by talking about the types of decisions and frequency of diabetes related decisions we make in any given day.  Here are some diabetes decisions you make:

  • Maria brings a little Shakespeare into her day of diabetes  by asking “To test or not to test . . .“ (that IS the questions, as far as this fellow Shakespeare fan is concerned!!)
  • Amy gives us examples of diabetes decisions she makes that may not seem like diabetes decisions.
  • Emma explains how nearly every decision made during her day has something to do with diabetes.
  • Amber knew the best way to show us all of her diabetes decisions was to take a through a day in her life.
  • Debra gives us a timeline of her day full of diabetes decisions.
  • Kelly details how gastroparesis makes her daily diabetes decisions even more complex.

For more great posts that you shouldn’t miss, click over to the blog carnival tab for the link to the full list of posts submitted.  Didn’t quite get a chance to submit your post this month?  Go ahead and write it anyway and leave your link in the October Blog Carnival comments section so we can check it out!

And don’t forget to check back here on Thursday when we’ll announce the topic for the November DSMA Blog Carnival!

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