DSMA Live: Parents (‘Rents) Talk

The mission of DSMA (Diabetes Social Media Advocacy) is to promote social networking in all its forms (Facebook, twitter, YouTube, etc) in order to educate and support all people affected by diabetes. The diabetes online community the opportunity to share and understand the challenges of physical, mental and emotional needs of this chronic condition.

In an effort to share the mission of DSMA with the community, we decided to offer a parents version of our radio program to reach the Parents of Children of Diabetes and Parents with Diabetes, not only in America, but around the world.

Listen Now on Blog Talk Radio,  every other Monday at 9:00 pm EST.


The Voices of DSMA Live: Parents (‘Rents) Talk

LorraineLorraine Sisto

 Lorraine Sisto is the mom of three children, one of which, Caleb, has been living with diabetes since the age of three. Lorraine, Caleb and their family strive to live their lives fully based upon their wants and needs while incorporating the management of diabetes into those priorities. As a family, they take part in various support and awareness activities and events, including celebrating World Diabetes Day at Caleb’s school. They both write about their experiences at www.thisiscaleb.com.


Bennet Dunlap

Bennet is the father of four, two of which are type 1 insulin dependent diabetic teens. He has been an active member of the diabetes online community forums since the first of the two children was diagnosed in 2003. He founded his blog Your Diabetes May Vary in 2007. He consults with patient advocacy groups, and is passionate about leveraging social media to help maintain patient health. Bennet recently completed a master in Health Communication at Boston University.

A mom of a child with diabetes said, “Bennet is a humorist…he changes the perception/perspective by showing how to do diabetes right through the eyes of a comedian father.” That is closer.


DSMA Live: Parents (‘Rents) Talk is provided by Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation (DCAF).

3 Responses to “DSMA Live: Parents (‘Rents) Talk”

  • I chose those words carefully Mr. Dunlap. Comedian? Yes! Father? Absolutely! It takes a true father and writer to say, “Good thing I have two ears.” and have the reader understand that means that you are carrying the weight of the world on both of them. It was never about the syringes. Symbolism, only a parent can fully understand. Irony at it’s finest. So when I said, “…comedian father.” It was with great respect for how you, “do diabetes right….” via humor, great love for your children and passion for a cause. Dear Readers, Pay attention to this guy. He and his friends are going to change this world. Bennet, This looks like a great site! I am going to have to visit here often. I never thought I would be quoted. I’m honored. Thank you! Keep up the phenomenal work!

  • Lorriane and Bennet I wanted to make sure you knew I have been saying good things about you both behind your backs!!! :-)

    What a wonderful team you both are. Thanks for sharing your parental knowledge to everyone.

    I have said this before, I wish my parents had been able to communicate their needs with such great people in the DOC.

    Best of luck as always!


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