Supporting DSMA through DCAF

The Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation (DCAF) is a nonprofit corporation with the mission to connect, support, empower and educate people affected by diabetes. DCAF organizes and runs programs for people living with diabetes including #DSMA Twitter chat, the Blue Fridays initiative , #WDDchat12, DSMA LiveDSMA en Vivo and DSMA ‘Rents radio programs and more. These are created with the help of volunteers offering their expertise to provide services.

DCAF needs your support. Mostly that support is participation with programs. Still we also have modest financial needs. We believe that generosity is a spirit of participation, not a dollar amount. We appreciate the kind contributions of all who participate. It is participation that makes DCAF and its programs successful.

We encourage everyone who supports DCAF though participation or with a modest financial gift to add a DCAF widget to their Twitter avatar. You can add the Twibbon here:

If you can make a financial gift of 50 cents, a dollar, five, ten, fifteen or more, that too is welcome. In no way is participation linked to funding. All are encouraged to engage in DCAF programming.

We feel an obligation to explain why we are welcoming financial support now when it has been declined before. Our programs are growing, and some have costs associated with them and that too are growing. Since their inception, the costs of all DSMA programs have been carried exclusively by their founder. We hope to more equitably share those expenses. DCAF is filing for tax exempt status. This will facilitate program funding.There are filing fees that we are raising funds to pay. Until we receive an IRS ruling we can not in good faith suggest that contributions to DCAF qualify as tax deductible.


Thank you for being a part of #DSMA.

The Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation Board of Directors

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