In December, we switched things up a bit and gave you the holiday gift of choice.  We challenged you to choose any question from our November chats that spoke to you and write about it this month.  It was fun to see the different topics each blogger chose:

  • Sue chose to write of advocacy in a post that tell us why advocating for people with diabetes is so important to her.  (From the The A of DSMA – Focusing on Advocacy chat.)
  • Scott Strange explores the definition of a successful patient with diabetes with some advocacy and conversation.  (Also from the The A of DSMA – Focusing on Advocacy chat.)
  • Emma chose to share some encouragement with those feeling blue during the holidays. (From the Celebrating the Holidays with Diabeteschat.)
  • Over at Diabetes Mine, Amy and Allison share their best tips for celebrating the holidays with diabetes.  (Also from the Celebrating the Holidays with Diabetes chat.)

As always, you can click over to the blog carnival tab for the link to the full list of posts submitted.  Didn’t quite get a chance to submit your post this month?  Go ahead and write it anyway and leave your link in the December Blog Carnival comments section so we can check it out!

And don’t forget to check back here on Thursday when we’ll announce the topic for the January DSMA Blog Carnival!

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