Afterthoughts | Fredrik Debong & Kyle Rose from mySugr

Hot on the heels of the mySugr Companion launch in the United...

07th Jun
Analysis Screen

Afterthoughts | Dr. Dyer & Dr.Kitchens

This show is absolutely packed with information. In a tag-team effort, Dr....

31st May
Dr. Jen Dyer

Afterthoughts | Mollie Busby, Riding on Insulin

This Monday our guest was Mollie Busby of Riding on Insulin. Mollie...

29th May
Mollie and Sean

Afterthoughts: Sean Busby

I loved chatting with Sean. He was so down to earth and...

29th May

Afterthoughts: Sweetly Voiced

I met Melissa online at I was on the admin team...

14th May
Melissa Baland Lee

Afterthoughts | DSMA Live ‘Rents Destination Indianapolis

This past Sunday we conducted our DSMA Live ‘Rents show on location...

01st May
DSMA Live Rents Indy

After Thoughts: Peter Nerothin at Insulindependence

  As someone who has participated in local events through Insulindependence, it...

26th Apr

After Thoughts: Wil Dubois – Life After Dx

William “Lee” Dubois is a fascinating friend. He’s a man of many...

05th Apr

After Thoughts: Peter Smith at won Sanofi US’s 2011 Data Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge, and the...

29th Mar

After Thoughts: Christina “Tina” Roth – College Diabetes Network

Tina has put together an incredible organization that is starting to absolutely...

22nd Mar