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On February 15, 2013 by Cherise Shockley

Bill King was raised in a family of distance runners. His father was an American Masters Marathon champion and Bill, along with his 4 brothers, was running competitively by his teenage years. In the summer of 1984, after 3 marathons (2:51 personal best) and countless shorter races, Bill was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He was 24 years old. Today, after 28 years of living and running with diabetes, there are few stronger advocates for intensive diabetes management with exercise than Bill.

Shortly after his diagnosis, Bill was entered into the most impacting study ever conducted on diabetes, the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT). During his time as a participant in the experimental and randomized group of the study, Bill continued his competitive running, but was unable to train intensively enough to compete at the marathon distance. In 1996, Bill was started on insulin pump therapy. He began training at much more intense levels and competed in his first marathon after 13 years of being diagnosed. His finishing time qualified him for the famous Boston marathon, and Bill set his goal on competing well by developing a unique strategy, glucose checking on the run. Bill ran in both ’97 and ’98 Boston where he finished with a 3:08 time and a most impressive record of great glycemic control. His Bg never fell below 79 and never rose over 131, with a finishing Bg at 94. He has run 17 marathons since 1996 and is currently training to run Atlantic City Marathon in the fall with a team of type 1 athletes. Bill has been married for 25 years, has two children; and yes, they all run together as a family.

Bill became an IDAA member in 1996 and was a finalist in the IDAA Athletic Achievement award. He began speaking publicly about living well with diabetes through exercise and technology. Bill was the first person with diabetes hired by Animas Corporation in 1999, and his work there was instrumental in the ongoing developments of technologies manufactured by Animas over the past 13 years. He is now working in non-profit and traveling the country motivating people to reach a higher quality of life with diabetes through intensive management and exercise.

Bill’s work with CWD, TCOYD and Diabetes DESTINY is based on his belief of sharing and learning with each other the positive message of hope and inspiration. “My commitment and involvement with DESTINY is to work to make this organization available to the many millions of people who need to continue to move their body, in spite of living with diabetes. Everyone has an athlete inside them; don’t let diabetes stand in your way!”

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