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On January 21, 2013 by Bennet Dunlap

Alexis Newell was our most recent guest on DSMA Live Parents Talk. Please take a listen at Blog Talk Radio, if you have’t already. We had a little technical difficulty at the end which makes it hard to hear, but if you really try, you can catch it all. Our apologies for the rough connection.

You will hear Alexis tell us about the many family members who have been diagnosed, several fairly recently. She tells us what she thinks about judgement diagnoses based upon someone’s appearance or weight – I bet you can guess what she has to say on that. She’s got a valid justification for how she feels, in my humble opinion.
What is inspiring about Alexis, is her very positive attitude about life and her loved ones, which she considers to include her friends in the diabetes community. She has a passion for advocacy – whether it’s through the outreach program of her local JDRF chapter, or for her non-D son for being the great kid that he is, or for friends who have anxiety. When you hear her speak about these things, the passion is palpable. She clearly has a heart of gold and wants to help, protect and support so many.
Did you know that Kim Vlasnik and the You Can Do This Project were integral in getting the Anxious You Anxious Me campaign up and running? Check out the “We Can Do This” Video Series here. If you are looking for a place of support to help cope with anxiety, listen in to the show and hear more about it and the significance of #manicmondays and #tryingthursdays.
Heartfelt thank to Alexis for sharing the hour with us. It flew by!

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Next guest: John Brooks, President and CEO of the Joslin Diabetes Center  We will be taking questions in advance. If you have something you would like us to ask John, please leave your question in the comments below.

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Alexis Newell

Alexis Newell is a mother of two boys Justice age 10 (type 1 and a JDRF youth ambassador), and Synsyre age 7, and wife to Terrence. Although her advocacy is majorly focused on her son Justice, diabetes is no stranger to her family. Her grandmother is type 1 for 25 years ago, and both her husband and father are type 2 diagnosed in the last 3 years. Alexis herself lives with Hashimotos another autoimmune disease.

She is the Las Vegas JDRF walk chair and a mentor and has a major passion for fundraising and educating the community. she blogs at, has teamed up with Sherry of Jenna’s Pet Monkey to launch “D Sibs Day”, a day where siblings of those living with diabetes are honored and most recently with the support and help of Kim Of YCDT project launched “Anxious You Anxious Me”, an Awareness campaign that sheds light on how diabetes can cause anxiety for parents and those living with it. She bleeds blue and considers the DOC her family, and is honored to be part of such an amazing community.

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