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On March 20, 2013 by Lorraine

Family WDDThis past Monday we spoke with Denise, Mom of Bean and her husband (Dad of Bean) Ubergeek on DSMA Live ‘Rents. A dull moment was not to be had! Denise and Ubergeek made easy work for Bennet and myself as hosts. Their enthusiasm and heartfelt stories made the hour fly. Here are some highlights, but don’t waste too much time here – go straight to the show and listen in!

We heard about Bean’s diagnosis story and how Ubergeek’s magic backpack of gadgets helped catch it fast. They were in and out of the hospital within twenty-four hours. With such a short orientation, they found themselves with lots of questions. They sought and found a tremendous amount of support from their  ADA in Alaska. They stay actively involved with the ADA today.

For families with new diagnoses, Denise’s advice is to stay calm. Ubergeek’s is to get connected – as soon as possible.

Ubergeek gave high praise to Scott Benner for his newly released book that he and Denise won as callers on our show back in December.

He also gave a shout out to DxOne, ”an 18 minute short film about a family coping and coming to terms with their son’s diagnosis with type 1 diabetes” – as quoted from the website.

It was a fantastically fun show and we hope you’ll listen in!

Our news for the week included:

A great new blogger in the hood.

A hemoglobin A1C Action Figure.

An unfortunate falsehood perpetuated by the President of Argentina.


A new toolkit for expecting parents with T1D.


Listen to internet radio with DiabetesSocMed on Blog Talk Radio

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