Afterthoughts: Sweetly Voiced

On May 14, 2013 by Cherise Shockley
Melissa Baland Lee

Melissa Baland Lee

I met Melissa online at I was on the admin team with her 5 years ago.  A lot has changed in Melissa’s life.  She is a mother of two toddlers, wife, busy advocate, and she writes a great blog about diabetes and motherhood, if you have not read her blog Sweetly Voiced, I recommend that you do.  During DSMA Live, we covered a lot of details about Melissa’s diagnoses of type 1 diabetes and opting out of diabetes camp.

Melissa said, “ I was naïve…I did not understand the importance of connecting with other people living with diabetes.”  In college, she met someone living with diabetes.  She later married, the love her life.

18 years into her diagnosis, she was told she could not get pregnant, which was the first time she was told she could not do something due to diabetes.  Melissa was determined to lower her A1C and change her lifestyle to become a mother.  She shares intimate details of her journey to gain her doctor’s approval to conceive, losing friends, finding the diabetes online community and later becoming a mother to two beautiful children.

Melissa ended the show with a powerful message for women with diabetes.  Take a listen.  I hope you enjoy.

Spoiler Alert:  Melissa serenades the DSMA Live Team and our listeners.

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