Afterthoughts | Fredrik Debong & Kyle Rose from mySugr

On June 7, 2013 by Scott K. Johnson

Hot on the heels of the mySugr Companion launch in the United States, we have Fredrik Debong, Co-founder and Head of Product Management, mySugr, and Kyle Rose, Managing Director, mySugr U.S.. This was Kyle’s second appearance on the show. He joined us about a year ago, prior to joining the mySugr team (hear more of his story).

Fredrik talked about where mySugr came from, and how it’s changing the way people with diabetes care for themselves. Using elements of gaming, rewards, social altruism, and a focus on changing a single behavior at a time, they have found a way to keep people engaged in their diabetes management.

“Imagine your diabetes journal, your blood glucose logbook where you should jot everything down, take that and turn it into a game, turn it into something that talks back to you.”
“It’s a cheeky diabetes journal which makes our lives easier and more fun, our therapy more fun and engaging, and at the same time makes all that data we should be logging actually useful in day to day life.”

One fun aspect of mySugr is the “diabetes monster” that you are charged with taming each day. When you work on your diabetes, whether that’s testing blood sugars, counting carbs, taking insulin or medicine, and more, you earn points that go towards taming the monster each day. Once you’ve tamed your diabetes monster, it gets locked down and zipped up — so it can’t give you anymore grief for the day!

You can even name your diabetes monster. I’ve named mine “Chewcarba”, Fredrik’s is “C3PO”, George’s is “Chupacarba”. Isn’t that great?

Fredrik and his team are really big on making the data we log useful to us on a day to day basis. As an example, he told the story of ordering a meal where he wasn’t sure about his carb estimate. He searched for a similar meal in mySugr and found one from 1.5 years ago. He saw what he estimated, how much insulin he took, and what his blood sugars did afterward. From that record, he saw that he drastically underestimated the carbs last time, which left him running high after the meal. Being able to see this information so quickly and easily helped him adjust his insulin dose for this meal. His logging wasn’t a bunch of dead information, but rather, made available to him to help make decisions now. That’s a great example of making information actionable.

Here’s a quick video that shows a little more about mySugr Companion.

It was really great talking with Fredrik and Kyle, and learning more about mySugr, how it works, and where some of the inspiration came from. I hope you’ll check it out.

**Disclosure: I have a business relationship with mySugr and am helping them spread the word about the US Launch of their products. 

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