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On May 29, 2013 by Lorraine

Crystal bio picFor many, May means the end of school – parties, concerts, field trips, teacher gifts, etc. ┬áIt’s also a great time to plan for new beginnings. Reviewing your child’s 504 plan with the team before the end of the school year while the current year’s experiences are fresh in everyone’s minds is a great idea. Planning now also mitigates against a last minute scramble at the beginning of the school year when schedules have already been defined and it’s harder to make adjustments.

To get us thinking along these lines, our guest on our May 13th show was Crystal Jackson, Director of the American Diabetes Association’s Safe at School program.

We hope you’ll listen to hear Crystal tell us how she got involved in the program and how far she has taken it. She gives advice about the best way to approach making sure your child’s needs are appropriately accommodated at school, provides some tips on what to do if things don’t go as planned, and also gives a great perspective as to why the school members of the 504 team may not always fully understand your child’s needs.

It’s never too early to plan. Whether your child has been at the same school for years, is starting a new school, or is attending school for the first time with diabetes, we think you’ll find this show worth listening to.

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