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On March 6, 2013 by Lorraine

We had a fabulous time on Monday speaking with co-host Bennet Dunlap on the other side of the microphone as our guest aside his daughter Kelley Dunlap. They recently launched a website called Drinking With Diabetes. The website is a meaningful tool to prepare parents and young adults alike for drinking responsibly with special consideration to how alcohol impacts blood sugars of people with diabetes.The Dunlaps

We started the show with Kelley telling us about her brother’s diagnosis story. We’ve heard this story before, through Bennet’s eyes. Hearing directly from a sibling and how it impacted her, and perhaps more so, what she did to have an impact on her brother’s life, was touching and enlightening. I’ve always found Bennet to be grounded and realistic. I admire him for being a straight-shooter. It warmed by heart to see how his parenting style resulted in a bright, articulate, passionate and joyful young woman.

Kelley also spoke of her sister’s diagnosis – the one that happened at their family’s favorite vacation spot – Disney World – and how it was different the second time around. Bennet and Kelley gave credit to mom, Kimball, for knowing how to get Kelley informed and involved from the beginning.

We talked about the various roles Kelley has played in Your Diabetes May Vary, The Betes Now and most recently Drinking With Diabetes. Kelley was able to take her experience as an associate producer of new media for a nationally syndicated heath television program and apply it to the development of the Drinking With Diabetes site. She talks about why she created the quiz and fact sheets. Please go check them out. The site is visually appealing and simple to navigate while being chock full of important and useful information.

Both Bennet and Kelley emphasized the need for parents to be clear about expectations and consequences (and perhaps the lack thereof in certain circumstances) as well as the need for both parent and young adult to be open with each other. If this is the approached Bennet and Kimball used with their kids, it clearly works. Listen to Kelley for just five minutes and you’ll know what marvelous parents the Dunlaps are.

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