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On May 1, 2013 by Lorraine

This past Sunday we conducted our DSMA Live ‘Rents show on location in Indianapolis. As usual, we started the show with some news:

DSMA Live Rents Indy

Lilly, the makers of Humalog said in their most recent earnings call that they have applied to the FDA for approval of some new medications. U200 insulin was one. That is double the strength Humalog. That is good news for people who take significant doses due to diminished insulin sensitivity. It also is a possible source of confusion at the pharmacy assuming it is approved. Read more here.

There has been a discovery of a new hormone, called betatrophin. The hormone has been found to produce insulin-secreting beta cells in mice. The applicability to people with type 2 diabetes could be significant, and there is also hope for it having a role in type 1 diabetes, at least for those newly diagnosed. This is still in the research phase, with only mice seeing the benefit thus far, but is an interesting discovery with regard to those all important beta cells. Read more here.

During the show we had the pleasure of being joined by CheriseKimScottScottGeorgeLeighannKelly and Mike.

The post-news conversation was free flowing. We started with how the show idea and format came to Cherise. We also talked about various favorites – favorite shows, videos, etc., and caught up a little with what everyone has going on. We had a lively chat participation from the Blog Talk Radio chatroom regulars. All around it was a fun evening and a real treat to be live and in person with so many. Thanks to all our friends who participated!

To listen to the show, click below, visit Blog Talk Radio, or Listen on iTunes.

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We hope you will join us for our next show when our guest will be Crystal Jackson.

Disclosure: Bennet and I were in Indianapolis to attend a summit unrelated to DCAF. Lilly Diabetes coordinated and paid for the conference room, phone and internet service to allow us to conduct the show. Lilly Diabetes did not ask us to do the show, nor did they have any input on the content of the show. The thoughts, views and opinions expressed therein are ours and ours alone.

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