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On April 7, 2013 by Lorraine

DebbeBach2Debbe Bach was our guest this week on DSMA Live ‘Rents. Debbe is the mom of Keri Sparling and we had a fun hour with her. She shared stories from Kerri’s diagnosis to how she still checks in on her today even though she’s now an adult.

Kerri has been so generous with the diabetes community by sharing what seems like every detail about her life, diabetes or not. Many of us feel like she’s a good friend, even if we haven’t ever met her, because she invites us into so many elements of her world through her writing. It was a real treat to hear some of the same stories (and even a few new ones) through her mother’s eyes. It became clear in our conversation that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree – Debbe is as charming and intelligent a woman as her daughter.

Debbe’s closing remarks are to just love your children. Listen to the show and you’ll see how that’s a perfect summation to how she’s successfully raised a daughter with diabetes from the age of six into adulthood.

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