Afterthoughts | Dr. Robert Ratner, Chief Scientific & Medical Officer for ADA

On June 14, 2013 by Scott K. Johnson



What a pleasure to have Dr. Ratner on the show.

He would make for a great interview anytime, but we were especially excited to have him on the show just a week before the ADA Scientific Sessions, one of the biggest diabetes conferences in the world. He’s a huge part of that conference, and it was really great of him to share some of his time with us.

Right away you can tell that Dr. Ratner totally understands the demands of living with diabetes.

When we come up with new devices or new drugs, I think that we are now at the stage where  making life easier for people to live with diabetes is equally as important as changing hemoglobin A1C.

We learned about the Dr. Ratner’s role at the ADA, and I was fascinated by the different areas of focus within the ADA. They really cover so much more than I ever knew.

We also talked about what the upcoming Scientific Sessions are all about, and Dr. Ratner talked about some of the tracks and sessions to look forward to.

It was such a fun interview, and again, we really appreciate Dr. Ratner coming on the show.

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