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On May 31, 2013 by Scott K. Johnson

This show is absolutely packed with information. In a tag-team effort, Dr. Jen Dyer, a pediatric endocrinologist, and Dr. John Kitchens, an opthamologist and vitreoretinal surgeon, teach us about diabetes related eye complications and advancements in treatment options.

I found it to be a really hopeful episode in that things have come a long way in a few different areas:

  • Doctors are much more educated about detecting and treating diabetic eye complications
  • Technology has come a long way in both detection and diagnostics
  • Technology has come a long way in treatments (better lasers, better surgical options)
  • New medicines are available to treat complications (anti-VEGF medications)

We talked a lot about variability and fluctuations, and while there is no conclusive data, both Dr. Dyer and Dr. Kitchens believe that reducing the fluctuations make a big different. We also talked a little about why eye complications might come up with rapid improvements of blood sugar management, and how there is a perceptible change in vision with high blood sugars.

We learned about the difference between an optometrist and an opthamologist, and what you need to look for when dealing with an optometrist who is helping care for your eyes with diabetes.

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