After Thoughts: Bill King

On February 16, 2013 by Scott K. Johnson

Before Bill’s diagnosis in 1984, at age 24, he had been living a healthy and active lifestyle for many years. Coming from a family of athletes, he picked right up with it. His diagnosis only slowed him down temporarily, and before too long he was back to running.

He works hard to maintain that healthy and active lifestyle, and is an advocate for that lifestyle for everyone, diabetes or not.

Shortly after diagnosis he was enrolled into the landmark DCCT (Diabetes Control and Complications Trial), and he uses that experience and the results from that study to help push his message of urgency. People with diabetes are not reaching the level of blood sugar management that is necessary to minimize complications, and sadly, many just settle.

He also pushes for awareness of depression. Diabetes creates an environment that fosters depression and says “when you’re at your at your most vulnerable, emotionally, this disease has the tendency to hold you down deeper and longer, and if you’re not able to recognize it, or have ingredients in your lift that will help push you back up and out of that, the likelihood of you having poor control of your diabetes is magnified.”

We covered a lot of ground, and Bill graciously shared so much of the wisdom he carries.

Bill worked for many years with Animas, and was the first person with diabetes they hired (after seeing a news story of him running a marathon with his insulin pump and glucose meter). As a result of a recent reorganization, Bill’s position was eliminated, so he’s currently looking for a new place to make a difference for people living with diabetes.

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