After Thoughts: Adam Brown

On January 25, 2013 by Scott K. Johnson

This week we spoke with Adam Brown from Close Concerns and diaTribe, a impressively talented group of people dedicated to improving patient outcomes by making everyone smarter about diabetes.

Adam is a Senior Associate at Close Concerns and Managing Editor at diaTribe. I met Adam a few years back at one of the diabetes conferences. The guy is super smart, fun to be around, and an all around nice guy. Kelly Close is lucky to have him on her team.

I have been a fan of Kelly and her group for as long as I can remember. In their free newsletter, diaTribe, they take tons of diabetes information and distill it into digestible bits of information presented in language that is easy for the average person to understand. It’s an incredible publication and if you haven’t subscribed already you should definitely do so.

I see Adam at least a couple times each year, but we’re both so busy working that we don’t get much time to visit. It was really nice to have a solid hour to get to know him better and learn more about him.

Links mentioned in the show:

It was another really fun show. I hope you’ll take the time to listen.

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