TwoBits: Diabetapedia and Advocating

On April 5, 2012 by Cherise Shockley

Bennet came up with TwoBits  as a way to share  blogs, articles or vlogs you enjoy reading;  it’s a great way to connect the diabetes community through blogs.


Weekly TwoBits

*Sanofi US Diabetes created a Diabetapedia for people that may not understand the colorful and very different language of the diabetes community.  You can find commonly used words such as,  #sweatbetes, DOC, Type 3 (Type Awesome) and more.  If you cannot find the term you are searching for you can complete form listed on the Diabetapedia website.



*Meri (Our Diabetic Life) wrote a blog post titled, ” A little Advocacy Goes A Long Way“-it was published last Friday during the Medtronic Diabetes Forum.  Meri’s post is a beautiful testament on how advocating for one cause speaks volumes and goes a long way.



 Hat tip to Bennet at Your Diabetes May Vary for the #TwoBits idea; it’s a blogging format that allows you to do a quick post (much as a Wordless Wednesday might work – big punch in a tiny package) pointing people to things going on in the DOC.-Kim V. (Texting My Pancreas)


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