The next step in my diabetes management

On December 15, 2012 by Cherise Shockley

There are a lot of people with diabetes that either log or download their meter or pump information to share with their Endo.   I do not do either.  I read the results from my PDM to my Endocrinologist and call it a day.  My Endo does not download the information from my PDM; I am not sure why.  I have never asked him to download my information.

I posted a message on Facebook trying to figure out what feature or style in an insulin pump was most important to me. I already knew the answer; I needed to think out loud.  Buying a new insulin pump can be fun and at the same time cause a headache; pump shopping requires a lot of research.  I am glad I posted a message on Facebook.  I received a lot of excellent feedback from Bill, Ellen, Sarah, Ronnie and Patricia, which led me to further my research.  Bill posted a link to an educational slideshow presentation on IOB, CGM, etc.  I have listened to John Walsh speak, but I needed a refresher, new tips and understanding of insulin pump technology.  The presentation prompted me to download my pump data for the first time since moving to Indianapolis (almost three years ago).

I am ready to learn (more) information about what is going on with my body, bum pancreas and my plastic pancreas. I am ready to learn about diabetes beyond the numbers and beyond the surface.

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*When I lived in California my NP/Endo downloaded the data from my PDM.

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