The Cost of Diabetes

On December 19, 2012 by Cherise Shockley


The Cost of Diabetes

Q1. What type of health insurance do you have? Do you have universal healthcare?

Q2. Do you to pay a copay to see your HCP or diabetes team? If so, what is the price range?

Q3. Is it cheaper for you to manage diabetes without insurance? (i.e. high deductible

Q4: How much do you pay for DME or prescriptions w/ insurance?

Q5. What items do you wish your insurance company would pay for to help you manage diabetes?

Q6: If your insurance does not pay for those items in Q5, do you pay for them? If so, how much?

Q7: How much would it cost to manage diabetes (including appointments, pumps) on yearly basis w/o insurance or help from province?




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