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On September 11, 2012 by Bennet Dunlap

After ‘Rents
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Okay, I know it is meant to be called Afterthoughts: DSMALive Parent Talk with Cherise. One of my takeaways from the show was realizing that Lorraine has a much cooler name for the show, ‘Rents. ‘Cause it’s easier.

Speaking of easier we tried out a new thing this week. Posting the links we planned to talk about just as the show stared. This was my brilliant effort to duck trying to say stuff like http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01667185, trip all over my tongue and sound like a blithering idiot. Fear not, no doubt I’ll find other ways to sound like an idiot. (Your feed back on this, the link not my idiocy, is appreciated, you like it?)

This week we set out to turn the spotlight back on DSMA founder Cherise Shockley. In true Cherise fashion she wanted to talk about others first. She asked for continued prayers for the Schuhmacher family as they grieve. Meri, who writes Our Diabetic Life, lost her husband and father of their four boys, three with type 1 and one type awesome, to cancer. Please add your prayers to ours for this family. If you can spare a little financial support it is appreciated. http://www.giveforward.com/schuhmacherfamilymiracle2. Both prayers and support are appreciated kindness. 


We did a little news to warm up to the show. Lilly just released a training app that can help folks stay current with the steps of administering Glucagon. Hopefully it is something that is not needed. However, as the kits sit on a shelf both your skills and its potency may be deteriorating. This app can help you remember how to use it correctly. It can set reminders to help remember to review using it and can track expiration dates.

Lilly Glucagon App:

Dexcom Pediatric Trial Info
Also in the news, was the beginning of recruiting for Dexcom G4 pediatric trials. More information on this and other opportunities to explore participation in trials is available at: http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/home.

The Dexcom trial information specifically is at:


Many know our guest from what they see of her work in the diabetes community. That is a lot. Cherise hosts #DSMA chat Wednesdays on Twitter, holds our hands as we are trying to get ‘Rents going, has DSMALive en Vivo going for the Spanish speaking community, and joins Scott and George on DSMALive. Oh she is going to college, is a mom and works full time too.

As if that isn’t enough, Cherise mentioned that DSMA may start a Spanish version of ‘Rents. AND she is working to bring back DiabeteicFeed as a DSMA program hosted by the lovely and charming Christel Marchand Aprigliano. I for one am spectacularly excited at the prospect. I am a total newbie to diabetes podcasting, Christel is the original, real deal.

We know a lot about what she does but since Cherise has always been the one holding up a light to shine on others, many don’t know much about her as and individual and her journey with diabetes. Cherise is clear she is LADA type 1.5. She was diagnosed just after a whirlwind romance and marriage to her husband Scott in 2003. He is active duty military and shortly after their marriage in 2003 was deployed to Iraq. During his deployment, she was diagnosed. Unlike many adults misdiagnosed as type 2, her diagnosis was LADA right form the start.

When asked about parenthood, Cherise cheerfully shared that in their case it wasn’t exactly planned. Her husband retuned from deployment and very shortly after she was pregnant. Fortunately her blood sugars were in good shape and her OBGYN was an outstanding coach. He helped Cherise manage her diabetes through pregnancy.

As the spouse of an active duty Master Sergeant, Cherise would be moving around with his postings. Cherise started teaching Niya about Mom’s diabetes very early. There would be times when Cherise and Niya would be alone and the young daughter would need to help mom manage diabetes. Also in the off case that the diabetes was passed down a generation, it should not be a mystery or something to be feared.

Community service, particularly in the diabetes community, is something that Cherise explains is a calling, something she can and should do. So she has created and incorporated the foundation to help provide support. However if others are called to do that service her livelihood is not DSMA and Cherise will move to what calls her. I happen to think her calling is with the diabetes community as well and am happy to help her move to real world as well as online work.

Maybe more of us can join her in one way or another. Cherise said that so far she has funded the needs of DSMA herself. Comments are welcome.

My thought is maybe others can help a little too. Cherise has a marvelous ability to creatively give to our community. It seems to me that giving may be limited by funding. In the coming weeks, I hope that Lorraine and I will be able to communicate ways that our community can help Cherise with some of the funding.

There is a lot more in the show. Including the fact that the online chat group was teasing me about using a lounge singer’s voice.  However for that you will need to listen to the podcast.

Next Show
I look forward to our next show, September 24th, when our guest will Hallie Addington of The Princess and the Pump. She is a mom of a type 1 and the kindergarten teacher of another child with it as well. I look forward to her thoughts from both perspectives.

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