Feedback Needed

On January 12, 2012 by Sarah Knotts

Over on ( #dsma ) last night, we tried out a new way of joining the TweetChat room. From what Cherise and I could see, it was a success! But what I need is YOUR feedback.

What did you think of the site?

Do you think the new way helps with having the Tweetchat and topics on the same page?

What suggestions do you have to make it better, more user-friendly?

Thanks everyone!

4 Responses to “Feedback Needed”

  • Hey,

    My gut reaction is that it was a nice change (for me at least). It made for a nicer reading experience. There was a *slight* problem that I noticed though (described below).

    The problem was that I didn’t see an obvious place where I could type my tweets. I may be mistaken, but I looked everywhere on that page and just didn’t see it.

    So, I ended up just typing my tweets at the tweetchat

  • Oops, sorry about that.

    So, I basically ended up just using as I usually do since I could type my tweets there. Maybe this info helps a bit!?.


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