DSMA Live with Victoria Cumbow on 2/16/2012

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Victoria Cumbow, Journalist 

Victoria Cumbow is a lifelong Southerner with a love for the great outdoors and allthings fried. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 11, buthasn’t let it hold her back from anything. Diabetes has given Victoria apassion for advocacy and outreach both locally and nationally. Through herwebsite, Victoria shares her life as a young professional living with type 1diabetes. She attributes her faith as the sole source of courage and strengthin managing life with the chronic and pesky diabetes. Victoria graduated from Auburn University with a degree in journalism, but recently left the world ofnewspapers to join the communications team at HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. HudsonAlpha is a leading research institute studying variousdiseases including diabetes. Victoria is active with her local JDRF chapterserving on the walk committee and as publicity chair. She’s a Diabetes Advocateand serves as the co-chair of Hot Shots – an outreach and advocacy group forfamilies affected by type 1 diabetes in the North Alabama area. Victoria’spassion in diabetes outreach is for teenagers and young adults, which stemsfrom her struggles with diabetes control during that time of her life. Shebelieves support is vital to successful diabetes management. Well, that andinsulin. She’s a firm believer in patient advocacy and thinks “successfuldiabetes control” is a balance in both mental and physical health. Victoriacurrently wears an Animas insulin pump and a Dexcom CGM. While a nativeTennessean, Victoria now resides in Huntsville, Ala. with her two furry, four-legged K-9 kids Barkley and Lucky. When she’s not working, tweeting orraising awareness for diabetes, Victoria can often be found somewhere outdoorson a road bike or on a hiking trail with her dogs.

Tune in to DSMA Live with Victoria on  2/16/2012 at 9 PM EST

Where you can to find Victoria…

Blog: A Girl Seeking God

Twitter: @victoriacumbow

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