DSMA Live with Mike Lawson on 2/9/2012

On February 5, 2012 by Cherise Shockley

 Mike Lawson, What Some Would Call Lies

Listen to Mike Lawson on  DSMA Live at 9 PM EST

Mike Lawson is a self-proclaimed social media junkie, and a doctor-proclaimed Type 1 Diabetic. He is also a personal blogger, Facebooker, Flickr Photographer, TuDiabetic, YouTuber, Tweeter, Podcaster, Linkedin-er and About.me-er. Since his Type 1 diagnosis, Mike has used the Internet and social media to connect with other diabetics and to receive help with staying healthy.

His YouTube series, My Life As A Pin Cushion is a positive, comedic way for him to share some of the lessons he has learned living with diabetes and to spread the positive message that a diabetes diagnosis doesn’t mean that you have to stop living.

When Mike isn’t updating his status on social networking sites or editing Wikipedia pages, he loves playing board games and reading. He works for an advertising company as a web designer in Phoenix, Arizona.


Connect with Mike: 

Blog:  What Some Would Call Lies

Twitter: @MrMikeLawson

YouTube: Mr. Mike Lawson

Podcast: What Some Would Call Lies



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