DSMA Live with Doc P on 3/22/2012

On March 22, 2012 by Cherise Shockley
Doc P
Dr. P. is a T2 diabetic who was diagnosed on February 15, 2011. She is also a university professor in the English Department, diabetes blogger, and most recently she became the Founder of Black Diabetic Info. This South Florida native is not only new to diabetes, but so is her family as she is the first within her immediate family to be diagnosed. In order to cope with the diagnoses she started blogging and it was through this blog that she was introduced to the DOC.
On her dia-versary, she launched Black Diabetic Info as a way to fill in certain gaps, meet needs, and provide a different perspective of diabetes awareness.  Black Diabetic Info’s mission is to provide culturally-competent, personal, and professional information about diabetes in black communities.
Listen to DSMA Live, right here at 9 PM EST 

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