DSMA Live with Anita Mathew on 6/28/2012

On June 27, 2012 by Cherise Shockley

Anita Mathew, Glooko 

Anita Mathew is Co-Founder of Glooko (www.glooko.com), a healthcare technology company creating mobile applications for people with diabetes to help them live life while effortlessly managing their diabetes.  Their first product to market, Glooko Logbook app and Glooko MeterSync Cable, allows people to easily collect and view the information they need to successfully control their blood glucose readings.

Prior to Glooko, she spent over 10 years at Johnson& Johnson where for 8 years she worked in the LifeScan division. Anita led the OneTouch Ultra brand to its market leadership position from 2nd in meter market share to first.  During her tenure, she also launched several blood glucose meters guiding development, regulatory compliance and marketing.  In 2009 at the Apple 3.0 iOS launch, she presented a J&J concept meter communicating to an iPhone fueling industry-wide interesting meter and smartphone integration.

Anita committed herself to the vision of this demo and passionately works to provide solutions that help and support people dealing with the chronic conditions of diabetes management.

DSMA Live with Anita Mathew on 6/28/2012 at 9 PM EST, listen here for your chance to win a Glooko Cable.

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