DSMA Live with Alex Silverstein on 8/23/2012

On August 20, 2012 by Cherise Shockley

Alex was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at only 18 months old, however it was not until he was 18 years, after attending DAFNE, a structured educational course for Type 1 diabetes, that he felt empowered to help others with diabetes. He began with the help of nurses, doctors and social workers by helping run events and fun days for children and teenagers with diabetes in London.

Alexander began volunteering for the charity Diabetes UK whilst at university by helping out with a local voluntary support group. With the chair of the voluntary group he helped to set up a group for 18-40 year olds. After graduating he helped to set up a group where he lived in south London before beginning to work within the Diabetes UK central office, as an office volunteer for the Research Team.

In September 2009 Alexander then joined the Diabetes UK pilot volunteer internship scheme for 12 weeks. His internship was with the Conferences and Care Events Team where he helped to organise and volunteered on two pilot diabetes camps, in addition to working on the Diabetes UK Professional Conference (a conference attended by over 3000 healthcare professionals),

Soon after the conference in March 2010 he was hired permanently, as the Volunteer Development Officer for the London Region of Diabetes UK. His role was to recruit, manage & support over 700+ volunteers across London in addition to running the volunteers conference and other networking events.

In December 2011 Alex was nominated by Diabetes UK to attend the International Diabetes Federations first ever Young Leaders in Diabetes Program. The Program brought 70 young leaders from 48 different countries to Dubai where they attended a 10 day leadership course and helped to form a council of 17 to act as a worldwide voice for young adults living with Diabetes. Alex was elected as the first ever President of the Young Leaders in Diabetes and will spend the next two years leading these 70 young leaders to deliver projects worldwide to improve the lives of young people affected by diabetes.

Returning from Dubai Alex was given a new job as Diabetes UKs Young Adult Project Manager, his job is to help provide a voice within Diabetes UK for Young Adults by building an advisory council to help create and influence bespoke services for young people (aged 16-30).

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