DOC Survey, HIPAA and Clinical Trial on a Diabetes App

On September 17, 2012 by Cherise Shockley
  •  I want access to my health information, and do not want any trouble obtaining information related to my health. If I can have access to the money (bank statement) I spend on a daily via a website or mobile app, I should be able to access information regarding my health, right? You should check out  HIPAA: A Valve, Not a Blockage for Patient Access to Records. The article is a brief description explaining the HIPAA guidelines and how it relates to patient information. HIPAA should protect patient information from third parties, not from the patient.
  •   In order to express to the health care industry the importance mHealth apps and how they can improve patient behavior and outcomes, Jen Dyer MD, MPH created a project on Medstartr to to raise money to conduct a clinical trial. The clinical trial focuses on the EndoGoddess’s diabetes app; providing data proving patients’ can successfully manage their diabetes via mobile app, and encourage Health Care Professionals to prescribe EndoGoddess app for more information and to donate to the project, visit EndoGoddess Project.



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