Diabetes in the Winter

On January 11, 2012 by Cherise Shockley

Managing diabetes during the winter is a  little difficult for me! I am not as active.  I  see carbs, I want carbs and I over eat.  I had a chat with Sara. We briefly discussed caring for and managing diabetes in the winter. We thought it would be a great topic to discuss during the weekly chat (#dsma).   Feel free to answer the questions or blog about the topic. We would love to hear from you.


Q1. Do you find yourself making different/unhealthy food choices during the winter?

Q2.   How do you stay motivated to stay active during the winter months?

Q3. What are some of your favorite indoor exercises? (remember YDMV and so may your exercise routine)

Q4. If you are on insulin, do you find that your body reacts differently when it is colder? (remember YDMV)

Q5. How do you and what do you use protect your skin and feet in the winter time? (skin care tips)

Q6. How do you prepare for a winter storm? (winter emergencies)

Q7. What can we do to help stop depression from hitting our community during the winter months


Tune in to DSMA Live w/ Lane Desborough, product strategist for Medtronic http://ow.ly/1DCsGs on 1/12/12, 9 PM EST


Be Blessed


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