Diabetes Gear Caleb Style | Blog Carnival September

On September 21, 2012 by Lorraine

Right now this is Caleb’s gear, clockwise starting from about 10 o’clock:

1)PDM Case.  This includes his OmniPod PDM, poker, strips, care chart, glucose tabs, glucose gel, other carbs, another lancet barrel and a whole bunch of used test strips at the bottom. These are the essentials. This bag is with him always and everywhere. He has two other versions: black and blue.

2) The carb bin. The contents of this bin will vary. It generally contains various increments of carbs to suit varying needs. If he is going out for sports it may be more snack intensive. Short trips, we may not bring it at all. He also has this bin accessible to him at school and we replenish the contents daily or as needed.

3) The yet-to-be named, backup camo supply bag (open to name suggestions because that’s rather awkward). This contains his glucagon kit, epipen, extra Pods, insulin, pen needles, an assortment of barrier, removal and alcohol wipes – all the backup stuff needed for worst case scenarios. Theoretically, we should take this with us everywhere, but if we aren’t traveling far or for long, it stays at home. Remember, I am not a doctor and don’t take a thing I say as any kind of advice, particularly medical.

Over the years we’ve had various bag iterations. This one has stuck with us the longest. The only other thing Caleb will carry with him is his DexCom receiver which could be in a SpiBelt or just a pocket. Oh, and if he’s out running, we have a whole other iteration – DexCom, phone and sleeve of glucose tabs in the SpiBelt.

This is my contribution to DSMA’s September Blog Carnival. Thanks for letting me share!

If you’d like to participate too, you can get all of the information at http://diabetessocmed.com/2012/september-dsma-blog-carnival-2/

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