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On December 12, 2012 by Lorraine

We were thrilled to have Meri Schuhmacher join us on our last edition (are radio shows editions?) of DSMA Live: Parents Talk. It was a well attended show which is no surprise as so many in the community have been touched directly by Meri and the stories of her family. If you haven’t already, please tune into the show and get inspired by Meri’s upbeat outlook even in the toughest of times. It’s really hard not to smile at the sound of her voice.

We spoke about how she manages diabetes with her three boys while they are at school without a school nurse. She spoke about the online community and what it means to her, and gives tips about how to get involved if you aren’t already. She also talks about her family’s trip to Friends for Life after winning Lilly Diabetes’ Once Upon a Time contest. The one phrase I keep going back to is in reference to her four sons and their relationship with Meri. They are “fiercely protective” of her. That phrase just says so much to me about Meri, how she and her husband have raised these four young men and how they support and love her.

If you’re wondering what Meri’s favorite blog post at Our Diabetic Life is, listen in to find out. That’s my final teaser!

Blog Talk Radio – DSMA Live: Parents Talk with Meri Schuhmacher


Up next is Scott Benner who writes at Arden’s Day. Tune in on Monday night 9PM EST – December 17th. Here’s a snippet of Scott’s bio: “I’ve been a stay-at-home dad since Cole (our first) was born in the early part of 2000. I began to write about being the parent of a child with type I diabetes in the summer of 2007, six days before the first anniversary of our daughter Arden’s diagnosis. Since then I’ve folded a literal ton of laundry, wrote a few things online that seem to resonate with folks and had a couple of ideas that seem to have found traction in the world.”


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