DSMA Live ‘Rents: Afterthoughts Hallie Addington

On September 25, 2012 by Lorraine


Jason, Sweetpea and Hallie

Last night was our third Parents Talk show and we had the pleasure of having Hallie Addington, who authors The Princess and the Pump, as our guest. The hour passed in record speed with Hallie sharing with us her daughter’s diagnosis story, how she’s handled her care in school for as many years as she’s been living with diabetes, as well as her experiences having students living with type 1 diabetes in her kindergarten class both before and after her own daughter was diagnosed. I had prepared a list of questions for the show and we were only able to get through about half of them. I’ve followed Hallie at her blog for almost as long as she’s been writing it and I really enjoyed the luxury of being able to speak to her live for a whole hour.

Listening to the show, you’ll hear about Sweetpea’s current school and how there are six girls there managing their diabetes with what is clearly an amazing and caring school nurse – what a blessing! You’ll also hear how Hallie managed a recent family crisis and the special consideration she had to consider with diabetes in the mix.  Good friend, Misty of Life is Like a Box of Chocolates, played a big role - another wonderful blessing!

If you haven’t stopped by Halllie’s blog before, it’s worth the trip. I particularly love the references for sick days and school planning she has available. Her writing is entertaining and informative, and you’ll get to know first hand what an amazing mom, wife and diabetes advocate she is, and what a special, vibrant and bright young girl she and her husband, Jason, have.

You can listen to the show by visiting Blog Talk Radio, or as a PodCast on iTunes.

Thanks a million, Hallie, for being such a fabulous guest!

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