DSMA Live ‘Rents: Afterthoughts DSMA Live Parents Talk Premiere

On September 5, 2012 by Lorraine

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The premiere show of DSMA Live Parents talk aired on August 27th. Co-host, Bennet Dunlap, and myself kicked it off in our planned format – brief introductions and a discussion on current hot topics. When we were done with that and it was only six minutes into the sixty minute show, I started to panic about how we would fill the next fifty-four.


Bennet and I intended to spend the hour talking about ourselves and our connections to diabetes. I think Bennet got through most of his story, and then the hour took on a life of its own.


Worried, we were, that anyone would listen in. A bit terrified, I was, that anyone would ever call in. But there was no need for concern; once the calls started, they didn’t stop!


I’ve listened to many a DSMA Live show and I always enjoy socializing with the other listeners in the chat room. I tried to keep up with the chatters during this show, but I simply could not. It was an active and lively crew!


We had calls from PWD and parents of children with diabetes. We spoke with friends we already knew from the diabetes community, and made new ones.


Topics of discussion included:



I promised to include a few references that I use related to going to back to school, so here they are:



Also, don’t forget registration for the World Diabetes Postcard Exchange is now open – register here.


I’m happy to say one of our callers was an upcoming guest – Hallie Addington from The Princess and the Pump. We learned that in addition to her daughter starting first grade at a new school this year, that Hallie, who is a kindergarten teacher, has a student in her class with type 1 diabetes. We’ll talk more with her on that when she joins us on September 24th (which also happens to be Diabetes Art Day).


The hour was up in what seemed like a blink of an eye. I didn’t get a chance to talk about my connection to diabetes, but there are many more shows to come which will provide ample opportunity.


DSMA LIve Parents Talk, or what I like to call DSMA Live ‘Rents for short, airs every other Monday at 9PM EST. Our next show is September 10th and I hope you’ll join us.


Thanks to everyone who participated and made our first show such a blast!


If you missed it, you can still listen in on BlogTalkRadio through this link.

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