After Thoughts: Doc P

On April 2, 2012 by Cherise Shockley


We had the honor of having Doc P as a guest on DSMA Live. She was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in February 2011. She gives a step by step recap of being diagnosed with diabetes, her reaction and why she felt ashamed of being diagnosed with Type 2. Doc P explained, ” I felt shameful for being over 200 lbs, being black and being confused.” She discussed how the caretakers in the hospital made her feel ashamed because she didn’t know what diabetes was or what it meant.

After her appointment with her primary care Physician she became empowered and educated about her condition. A few months later, Doc P lost her home in tornado. She was devastated and her world turned was turned upside down. Doc P has managed to maintain a positive attitude and continue to share her story about diabetes with everyone.

In February 2012, Doc P founded Black Diabetic Info to dispel culture myths about diabetes.

Doc P’s motto for living with diabetes is”Diagnosed not Defeated“. Listen to the show to learn more about this amazing woman living with diabetes.

Click here to check out the episode of DSMA Live with Doc P.

Stream the show, Download the MP3 (~15MB), or grab the podcast via iTunes. Do you hate the advertisements at the start of the recorded episodes? So do we! Help us get rid of them and do your good deed for the year – sponsor DSMA Live!

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