DSMA Live ‘Rents: Laura Houston

On October 26, 2012 by Lorraine

Sophie, Laura, Nate and Emma

It is my experience that parents of children with diabetes are rocks; pillars of strength in their families. This is not  by choice, but through necessity.

Laura is one of the strongest. She’s a single mom of three young, beautiful children, two of which live with challenging autoimmune diseases. Laura spoke with us this past Monday and shared what life is like parenting a child with type 1 diabetes, a child with Crohn’s disease and a child who loves and worries for her two younger siblings.
Please listen in to hear Laura tell us about the challenges she’s been through and continues to face, how she copes, where she gets support and more.
I was particularly moved by her comparison of parenting a child with diabetes to a child with Crohn’s. You may be surprised by what she had to say. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to understand more about what Crohn’s disease is and what it is like living with it.
Congratulations to Heather of Sweet to the Soul who is the winner of a special gift pack from Quick Sticks! Thanks to Laura for offering that for us.  Listen to the show to find out where you can get some of your own.
You can find Laura over at Houston We Have a Problem.
You can listen in to our 10/22/12 show on Blog Talk Radio or on iTunes. Enjoy and thanks for tuning in!

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