After Thoughts: Naomi Kingery

On June 15, 2012 by Scott K. Johnson

Naomi KingeryThe next time I’m having a bad day I’m going to call Naomi.  She is a bundle of positive energy and simply listening to her will uplift you.

Diagnosed in India, Naomi has a very unique perspective on diabetes care, both in the United States and abroad.  It was fascinating to hear about her diagnosis story and the early decision she and her family made to be positive.  That decision has shaped so much that Naomi has done, and it comes through loud and clear in the way she carries herself.

What I find so special about her positive attitude is that it is so genuine.  It doesn’t come off as fake, or over the top, which usually triggers our “BS detectors” pretty quick.  Part of what gives Naomi that authentic feeling is that she is open about some of the emotional struggles she’s experienced along the way.

She talks openly about those emotions because she says things would have been much different for her if someone would have told her, early on, that she would cry sometimes because of diabetes.  Instead of hiding behind a mask of optimism, she embraces and acknowledges the sad emotions because they are part of our experience.

She has an active website that features her series of books, her blog, videos, and other media resources.  Check out “The Diabetic Diva” for more of Naomi.

You have to take care of your heart with this disease

I love that quote because Naomi is talking about our emotional health, which is such a huge part of the diabetes experience, and is so under-served by so many.

Thank you Naomi!

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