After Thoughts: Michelle Litchman, NP

On March 9, 2012 by Scott K. Johnson

Michelle & Ginger

In a dream world, every person living with diabets would have someone like Michelle in their corner.  She decided early that she wanted to go into diabetes care because she liked the idea of getting to know the people she’s treating, rather than the sometimes impersonal, revolving door stream of patients that you can picture at a typical clinic.

That wasn’t what impressed me the most though.  What got me was when she negotiated her available time with her patients into her job.  She will not rush her patients in and out of the office.  If that’s how they wanted her to operate, she wasn’t interested in working there. See what I mean?

Her first connection to the Diabetes Online Community was Mike Lawson.  Quickly hooked into it, she was so impressed with how accurate the information was. As she spent more time reading and listening, she was also struck by the fact that so many people without diabetes take for granted how often we have to think about it.

We heard a bit about the “Diabetes Mixer” events that she helps to organize, and they sound like a blast.  Check out this clip from the latest one (featuring Ginger Vieira)!

Michelle is making great strides in connecting the sometimes distant health care professionals with the resources that are available in the diabetes online community, and thanks to Mike & Ginger (speaking of those two, check out this post!), she’s even started her own blog, Sweet Advice from Michelle Litchman.

There’s so much more to say about all that Michelle is doing, but for the rest of the story you’ll have to listen to the show.  :-)

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