After Thoughts: Maria Qadri

On January 7, 2012 by Scott K. Johnson
Picture of Cherise and Maria

Cherise and Maria

Who is your favorite  super smart BME who lives with diabetes, loves to bake, has an insane fear of heights, but loves rock climbing?  Maria Qadri! That’s who!

Maria’s bio has “super smart” written all over it.  Maybe it’s all of that stuff about Biomedical Engineering (those two words together just sound impressive, don’t they?) and her pursuing a PhD to top off her Bachelors and Masters degrees.   I think my IQ went up a point or two just talking with her.

It was a lot of fun hearing about her love for climbing, especially after having Steve from Living Vertical on the show last week.  Maria’s blog, Climbing Diabetes, even has a test strip bottle climber dude scaling a mountain of diabetes supplies for a background picture – it’s fascinating, I can spend a lot of time just checking out that sweet work of art, and I’m sure our resident Art Therapist, Lee Ann Thill, would be proud.

On climbing, Maria said “it’s just like going up a ladder, you just have to figure out where the rungs are!”, and she talked about how relaxing and serene it can be.  I was also nodding my head in agreement when she talked about learning about all of these incredible advances in biomedical engineering then being so frustrated by our current diabetes devices.  I can only imagine.

Thank you Maria for another great show!  I hope those of you reading this will share some of your time with us and get to know Maria a little better – it’s well worth it!

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