After Thoughts: Lee Ann Thill

On September 14, 2012 by Scott K. Johnson

Tonight we chatted with a good friend of the show, Lee Ann Thill.

Monday, September 24th, is the third annual Diabetes Art Day!  We spent about half of the show talking about the idea of diabetes art day and how many of us have been touched through the movement.  In fact, one of our frequent listeners, Cheri, mentioned in the chat room that diabetes art day was the first group activity she participated in, and that it gave her the courage to go to her first diabetes meetup.

There’s nothing fancy required for participation.  Just create some art!  If you like, you can share your art on the Diabetes Art Day website gallery.  If you’re shy, you can even share your work anonymously.

We also talked with Lee Ann about another initiative that she’s working on.  Word Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange! It’s a great initiative to connect people affected by diabetes all around the world.  With well over 500 people participating last year, she’s hoping for another great participation rate this year.

Much to the chagrin of Cherise, I volunteered the DSMA Live team to help Lee Ann make extra postcards if needed.

Finally we heard about a research project Lee Ann is working on for her doctorate that will look at people living with diabetes who have food and body related issues, and who will use artwork and art creation as a way to cope, connect, and communicate.  She’ll need our help to spread the word, and once again, I volunteered the DSMA Live team.

I hope you’ll share some of your time with us and listen to the show.  Lee Ann is a magnificent advocate for so many of the mental aspects that living with diabetes brings, and I very much enjoyed learning from her.

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  • I loved talking with you, and really appreciated hearing about your experiences with Diabetes Art Day. Knowing that people have been personally affected by participating fills me with such joy. Thank you for that, and as always, thank you for having me as your guest on the show :)

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