After Thoughts: Lane Desborough

On January 13, 2012 by Scott K. Johnson
Lane Desborough at the Grand Canyon

Lane Desborough

I am so thankful to have people like Lane influencing the direction of diabetes management.  And trust me, while Lane’s current position with Medtronic may lead you to believe his imprint will be limited to just Medtronic devices, there are things that happen in the industry that change the way all devices work and how we interact with them.

Standing on the shoulders of giants, as he says, Lane is pulling proven concepts and practices from a wide variety of other domains to help make our jobs with diabetes easier.  It is fascinating to hear how improvements made to giant oil refinery control rooms and airplane cockpits may play into how I manage my blood sugars on a day to day basis in the future.

You can literally hear the passion and excitement when he speaks about improving diabetes management, and it was an enjoyable tour through some of the thoughts and ideas he is working on.

If you have any brilliant ideas or feedback for Lane, send them along to — he’d love to brainstorm with you!

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