After Thoughts: Kyle Jacques Rose

On June 8, 2012 by Scott K. Johnson

Kyle J. Rose


This week we got to chat with my friend Kyle Jacques Rose.  He’s lived with type 1 diabetes since his teen years and has always led an active life.  I got to know Kyle when we worked together at Cozmo, and we’ve stayed in touch since then.

Kyle is a super smart guy with a heart that rivals any person I’ve ever met.  It was exciting to hear about some of the projects that he has been working on through Delta Project Management, where he is managing director and principal consultant, and they fit Kyle perfectly.  He has been working hard on advocacy for reimbursement and access abroad.  We spent some time talking about the state of diabetes care in developing countries, and how there is such a contrast between that and what many of us take for granted.

Kyle is passionate about patient engagement and sees social media as a very important aspect of taking that engagement and using it to improve treatment outcomes.  He is naturally curious about so many things, and has an innate ability to see so much value in the information he uncovers.  You’ll see this if you spend even a small bit of time with him because Kyle will ask great questions and actually listen and think about your thoughts on the question.  It’s so refreshing to have such positive, thought provoking, conversation.  Not many people really listen these days.

We heard about Kyle’s experience with a closed loop trial, and his experiences with some related CGM trials.  It was really interesting to hear from someone that has actually been hooked up to some of the early combined systems, and even more interesting to hear how emotional all of it was.

One resource that Kyle mentioned is a site called T1DStars, a site sponsored by Sanofi, that looks to serve young people with diabetes by giving them a ton of resources and information around living well with diabetes while growing up and dealing with school and growing up.

We covered a lot of different topics, and I very much appreciated Kyle’s insights on all of it.

I hope you’ll share some time with us and listen to another great show.

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