After Thoughts: Jason Turner

On July 16, 2012 by Scott K. Johnson
Jason in Dubai!

Jason Turner in Dubai!

This may have been the most information-packed episode we’ve had yet, and I enjoyed every last minute of it.  Jason was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1983.  He talked about his college years, and even let a little bit of his Canadian slip out when he said that during college, his blood sugars were “all over the ice” (that line totally made me grin).

Experiencing complications at an early age, and feeling very alone and isolated with all of it, his doctor encouraged him to check out some of the research happening right next door.  Jason was living in Edmonton, where the popular “Edmonton Protocol” was discovered (and continues to be refined).  He applied for the study, was accepted, and received his first (of two) infusions of islet cells.

The night of the show happened to fall on Jason’s 7-year transplant anniversary.  I thought that was pretty cool.

We had some great callers (Jeff, Amber, and Julie), two of which were also islet cell transplant recipients and were calling to express their gratitude to Jason for his continued advocacy and sharing of information.

All three, Jason, Amber, and Julie, said they feel that they have a new lease on life, and have never felt healthier.

Jason’s last thoughts on the subject were that he doesn’t feel that islet cell transplants are a true cure, but rather a very effective therapy.  I thought that was very well said, and puts it into a great perspective.

Check out the show for more details – I’m pretty sure you’ll learn a lot about this ever evolving, and very encouraging, therapy.

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