After Thoughts: Hope Warshaw

On October 29, 2012 by Scott K. Johnson

Hope Warshaw

In this episode of DSMA Live we got to know Hope Warshaw, a brilliant educator and dietitian who has been working to help people with diabetes for a very long time.  She has written a stack of books (see above) and has contributed on countless projects.  Chances are, you’ve been helped by Hope without even knowing it.

She has long been an advocate for building bridges between health care professionals and diabetes online community, and respects the work and effort all of you put in to tell your tale and share your story.  She’s even created a great resource on her website ( that is all about connecting with the diabetes online community (DOC).

This show barely scratched the surface on all that Hope does, and I do hope you’ll listen and get to know more about her.  She’s a great person and we are lucky to have her working so hard on our behalf.

– Stream the showDownload the MP3 (~15MB), grab the podcast via iTunes, or listen below.

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One Response to “After Thoughts: Hope Warshaw”

  • You are an idiot, Hope Warshaw! People like you have no right to pontificate like this. Try living inside a diabetic body and then tell me that your dietary guidelines work. The point is, THEY DON’T! Low carb doesn’t work? Puh-leeze! Ask the thousands of diabetics who DON’T have complications THANKS TO eating low carb. It’s not a difficult diet NOR a difficult choice – low carb or complications and death???

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