After Thoughts: Brandy Barnes

On March 4, 2012 by Scott K. Johnson

Picture of Brandy and her family

Brandy is an amazing person who had the courage (and support) to dream a dream and make it happen.

It was so much fun getting to chat with Brandy about her journey with type 1 diabetes.  We heard about her diagnosis, an emotional roller-coaster ride at the doctor’s office, her education and travels in diabetes through her profession, and how the seeds of Diabetes Sisters were planted and nurtured.

We got a great phone call from Stacey at Portable Pancreas Girl, who simply gushed about how great her Diabetes Sisters experience was.  What a great testimony for the work that Brandy is doing.

To hear that Diabetes Sisters was born through a deep seated restlessness to do more for women living with diabetes was incredibly inspiring.  Even more exciting was hearing about all of the different programs and channels that are growing out of Diabetes Sisters (2012 Conference, PODS Meetups, Women’s Forum, SisterMatch, and more).

Thank you for all that you do Brandy!  We appreciate you!

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