After Thoughts: Ann Bartlett

On September 21, 2012 by Scott K. Johnson

With some pretty impressive advocacy lineage, Ann has been driving her diabetes control from a very early age.  But she reached a point where things fell apart, which triggered a deep curiosity to learn and understand everything that was happening.

She dove into learning about her diabetes, and attacked it with admirable intensity.  She also grew up very involved with integrated medicine and holistic health.  Experiencing the tangible benefits of her work in integrated medicine, she regularly depends on what she’s learned to help manage not only her diabetes, but her overall health.

We talked a lot about stress reduction and how that resulted in her using a quarter (25%) of her normal insulin at one time.  Now she owns and operates The Body in Balance Center in Alexandria, VA and devotes a lot of time and energy in caring for herself and others.  We spent some time talking about the questions most people have about insurance coverage and the financial aspects of participating in integrated health.

But through it all, Ann’s insatiable curiosity continued to shine through.  Even in her role as a contributing author at Health Central, she learned about herself and what she loved to do.  I just loved listening to her story of self-discovery, and it inspires me to be continually open to change and growth.

I hope you’ll take the time to listen and get to know Ann a little better.  I very much enjoyed talking with her, and look forward to developing our relationship.

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