After Thoughts: Amy Tenderich

On June 1, 2012 by Scott K. Johnson

Amy Tenderich

I had such a fun time chatting with Amy!  We heard about her frustrating diagnosis which sparked the empowered patient within, turning another diagnosis horror story into one of the most well-known diabetes resources in the online world.

Amy talked about her ‘Type A” personality, that diabetes often made her feel like she was a failure, and that the power of the community helped her feel much more normal.  It’s a perfect example of how simply sharing our stories can be so powerful and helpful for others.

We talked about engaging the industry, and how times are starting to change, with patient involvement being much more upfront and much more vocal about the products and services being market.

This brought us through the evolution of the Diabetes Mine Design Challenge and now the Patient Voices Contest (submissions accepted through June 12, 2012).

We also talked about the growth of Diabetes Mine, and the excitement around the changes and improvements Amy has been able to make in the past couple of years.

Amy was a great guest, and so much fun to talk with.

I hope you’ll share some time with us and check out the show!

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