After Thoughts: Alexis Newell

On January 20, 2012 by Scott K. Johnson
Alexis and Synsyre (a.k.a. "Ribbon")

Alexis & Synsyre (a.k.a. "Ribbon")

Diabetes diagnosis on vacation, accessibility and affordability, dream clinics, and Blue Heels – we covered it all with Alexis tonight.

She closed the show with “be the change you want to see”, and she is a shining example of doing just that.  Making changes in her life, her family, her community, and for people with diabetes across the world.

With love and support spilling over, we heard about how most of her family is touched by diabetes, and how that love and a chance comment string on a picture of shoes kicked off the Blue Heel Society (along with a couple other heroes of mine, Diane & Tony).

We talked about how it is easier to get an iPhone than it is to get the insulin and test strips that keep us alive, and how there are real people out there starving because they can’t get the insulin that would allow them to eat.  What a crazy and unbelievable state  of health care.

Alexis dreams about ways to help people with diabetes, and she won’t stop working to do so anytime soon.

Be the change you want to see.

Synsyre, George, Justice

Synsyre, George, Justice (a.k.a. Ribbon, G-Money, & D-Boy)

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