After Thoughts: Adam Kaufman

On August 17, 2012 by Scott K. Johnson

While Adam doesn’t live with diabetes himself, he is one of the very few without that seems to really get it.  This came through to me loud and clear.  Blessed with a unique upbringing, being surrounded by diabetes and caregivers for as long as he can remember, Adam knows that diabetes is a thousand little behaviors, and that success comes through fitting diabetes into your habit stream.

We talked about the work he’s doing at dLife, a company that is very good at engaging with entertainment.  Sharing our favorite Jim Turner video moments, I think we started the official DSMA Live Jim Turner Fan Club.  Maybe we can get Jim on the show too!

Even more exciting was the talk about challenging the healthcare paradigms in new ways, and approaching change through the health insurance angle.  The discussion actually reminded me of our conversation with Dr. David Nash earlier in July.  I’m excited to see another fine example of people and organizations working on things from a much larger, population health, viewpoint.

Adam mentioned a video clip talking about whether diabetes can make you stronger – and I immediately knew what video he was talking about.  In fact, I’m a big fan of Dr. Jonny White and what he’s doing at Welcome To Type 1.  You should check them out.  Here’s the video clip Adam mentioned.





It was a really fun show, and as usual, we could have used a couple more hours to chat with Adam.  I hope you’ll share some time with us, listen to the show, and share your thoughts with us.

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